Dennis Kleiner | Vice President

KN Electrical Contractors Dennis Kleiner's Family

Dennis Kleiner, has been involved in just about every aspect of the electrical industry for the past 25 years. He has worked on many commercial electrical projects such as casinos, colleges, schools, restaurants, and all the associated electrical systems that go with these large projects.

He also has a very through background and has worked on many low voltage systems such as audio visual, HVAC controls, telecommunications, fire alarm and security on some of the largest projects in South Jersey.

He started his five year apprenticeship in 1994 with local 351. Shortly thereafter he became an instructor teaching the telecommunications and electrical apprenticeships.

In 2008 he had the opportunity to become a business agent and obtained a knowledge of public contracts and negotiation.

In his personal life he enjoys time with his wife and two daughters, coaching softball as well as running his archery program. He and his family also take great joy in rescuing animals which include, but is not limited to dogs, and miniature horses.